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Thread: F430 Spider Brakes

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    Default F430 Spider Brakes

    Going to re-line the brakes on my F430 over the winter plus a few other jobs, so new discs and pads.

    The discs I can get from Superformance at a reasonable rate of 75+VAT per corner (for the cast iron Brembo 360 type ones which are absolutely fine for the type of driving I do).

    The pads though seem horrifically expensive - the Brembo ones are coming in at almost 500+VAT for a full set.

    They do offer other options - so a different type of Brembo front for 125+VAT and some Ferodo DS for the rear at 100+VAT

    Any opinions/experience on this subject please ? All help and advice appreciated

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    I have purchased for my 360 the following and to do over winter like yourself.

    4 x Brembo discs - 260.72 from carparts4less.
    1 axle set rear Brembo pads - A to Z motor spares (eBay) - 44.44
    1 axle set front Brembo Sport upgrade?? - 99.50 - Autoficina and advertised on eBay.
    Set of Goodrich braided hoses (x4) - 89 from Goodrich.

    Sealey V820 brake bleed kit - 44 (ebay)

    All just shy of 540.

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